El Senor es Rey

K guys... next tune.  Praise God, y'all sounded pretty good on the first piece yesterday.  You still have to work on the bridge (measures 29-38) a bit more.  

Below are the audio files for "El Senor es Rey", the second of the 3 songs.  Here's how they work.  There is one recording of the piece at the normal speed.  There is one recording of the piece at a slower tempo.  Following those 2 recordings are the recordings where your own part is louder.  The thing is, I made each of those parts SLOW.  At the end of the day, you will want to play the piece at the tempo of the "normal" recording but I figured it would be better to practice with a slower version of the tune.  The good news?... the piece is really really short (in order to make it longer we will just repeat these 2 sections over and over)  The bad news?... .... I don't think there is any.   PLEASE practice, listen, practice, listen, and practice.  Music is one of the few subjects that it is almost impossible to "cram" for.  Every day you don't spend time with your part you will monumentally regret later.  Please get it done.  I will be emailing you all with more times to meet but the next one for now is Sunday after second service.  Thanks guys and good job again!

El Senor es Rey - NORMAL

El Senor es Rey - SLOW

1 El Senor es Rey - high C

2 El Senor es Rey - B

3 El Senor es Rey - A

4 El Senor es Rey - G

5 El Senor es Rey - F

6 El Senor es Rey - E

7 El Senor es Rey - D

8 El Senor es Rey - low C


Mp3's For Nica

Hey guys... below are the Mp3 files for all of you to practice with.  There are 9 files all together.  The one labeled "No Hay Un Solo Justo FULL" is the full song with all parts at equal volume.  After that one there are other files that have your part accentuated.  EVERY one of the recordings starts with a click (1....2.... 1, 2, 3, 4.... begin music!) so if you are looking along with your music, those opening clicks aren't there.  The music on your page starts when you hear the TUBES start playing.  Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, and then listen some more.  If this is a daily practice (listening and playing... especially listening) there is NO WAY , by God's grace,  you won't be able to do it.  Listening is key.  SO.... download the FULL version and your part file.  Also, let me know by email if you need help.  I'm here for ya.  Let's say we want to get this pretty solid in about a week and a half (2 Wednsedays from now).   Thanks guys!  Work hard... all for the glory of Christ!

No Hay Un Solo Justo FULL

Marimba 1

Marimba 2

Marimba 3

Marimba 4

Marimba 5

Marimba 6

Marimba 7

Marimba 8