The GL Ministry

Reaching the Lost.  Strengthening the Found.

The mission of the Grace Lighthouse is to share with the youth the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and to encourage those who follow the Messiah (JC) to live holy lives.  The reason is to glorify God our Father and to provide this generation with the greatest joy that mankind has ever known.


Core of the Minsitry

God is perfect.  He is loving and gracious.  He had granted His creation beauty and life and peace and yet man has defied Him by living in rebellion.  Mankind has given himself over to such things as deceit, hate, pride, lust, rage, and vein conceit.  While God is absolutely loving, His perfection demands that we also be perfect if we are to live in His presence in heaven one day.  Therefore, He also acts as the absolute and perfect Judge.  When we die He will judge every one of us according our actions and affections.   No one will be found innocent.  All rebellion towards a loving and perfect Creator will be punished by spending an eternity in hell.  The only payment for our sin that would satisfy God's wrath would be a sacrifice of a PERFECT life.  Jesus Christ came and lived the perfect life.  He was then crucified and punished for the sins of all who have placed their faith in Him.  Three days later He was resurrected.  His sacrifice on the cross was the punishment that we should receive.  If we humble ourselves before God , ask for forgiveness, and turn from our sins, God will count Jesus' death as OUR punishment and credit our lives with HIS perfect life.  Accept this message and be saved from death to life.  

Role of the Ministry

We believe that while extremely beneficial, youth ministry cannot and should not replace diligent, quality, parental discipleship.  The role of the parent cannot be overstated.  Without the consistent support of faithful parents who shepherd their kids through training, protecting, leading, and disciplining the youth ministry stands to fight a significantly more difficult battle.  We seek to minister to the needs of parents with as much urgency as we do their children. 

Function of the Ministry

Sunday School

Each season the youth group offers a class between the two main services.  This class runs from 10:10AM -10:50AM.  Some of the topics which have been covered are Old Testament Overview, Reliability of the Scriptures, the book of Romans, and the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney.

Wednesday Night

Every Wednesday the youth group gathers for and evening of worship.  The group participates in an activity from 6:30-7:00PM, gathers for worship in song from about 7:10-7:30PM, and then we dive into God's word from 7:30-8:00PM.  It is an amazing night of conviction, encouragement and, Lord willing, growth.

Monthly Activities

The Grace Lighthouse sponsors activities about once a month.  The activities are important so that the students who come from various towns and counties have a chance to connect and form meaningful bonds and memories.  Our hope is that these activities spark and sustain godly relationships which eventually mature into lifelong spiritual connections.


Senior High Students have been supporting Missions Beyond Boarders in Nicaragua for the last 3 years now.  There is a concern for the group to make their faith move in evangelism and humanitarian aid in the name of Jesus Christ.  This trip annually provides the opportunity to give one's self wholly and intensely to the needs of the full time missionary and his people in this region.